The Sputnik V vaccine will be applied in Latin America

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La Paz, Bolivia (RBI) .- The Sputnik V vaccine, developed in Russia by the Gamaleya Research Institute, which ensures 91% efficacy, will be applied in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia.

Argentina is one of the first countries, after Russia, to start vaccinating its population with Sputnik V. Belarus was the first foreign country to authorize the Russian vaccine on its territory in December, where clinical trials were also conducted early October.

In Argentina, the first 300,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine arrived on the 24th of December and the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 began late December. Simultaneously 23 provinces including Buenos Aires were vaccinated. The vaccine is intended exclusively for health personnel.

While in Brazil, the state of Bahia ordered 50 million doses of Sputnik V, and Paraná also reached agreements with Russia to access the vaccine.

Late August, the Venezuelan government signed an agreement with Russia to obtain the Sputnik V vaccine. At least 10 million people are expected to be vaccinated.

Countries such as South Korea, Egypt, India, Nepal and the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will access the Russian vaccine through private pharmaceutical companies. In Mexico, the Santo Domingo Laboratory is making arrangements with the Russian health and epidemiological authorities to import the Sputnik V vaccine that could take up to four months.

Chilean authorities are interested in learning more about the Russian vaccine, Rodrigo Yáñez, Sub-Secretary of International Economic Relations of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated “We are also interested in being able to learn more and have exchanges regarding the Sputnik V vaccine (…), we consider it as an alternative to provide vaccines to Chile in the future,”

Belarus began its vaccination campaign late December with the arrival of the first batch of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The first to be inoculated are health workers and teachers.

Batches of Sputnik V were also sent to Hungary. According to the international press, Hungary will not import vaccines in masse, but rather intends to produce them in its laboratories.

Russia began vaccinating its population in early December, starting with workers at risk and occupations considered “priority”.


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